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Coming Tuesday, DECEMBER 6th!


Offering personalized art design and delivery services.  For the person who has that special picture they snapped and would like to showcase it at their home or office.  I offer my wholesale material cost on the 38mm Lux Floating Framed Canvas.  This is not a thin plastic wall tile...the floating canvas gives your Giclee printed wall art a completely different look and comes in 5 colors;. 

iphone / digital art / vector

As an Adobe editor I can develop your image giving it a crisp beautiful look when printing to canvas. If you want an oil, retro, or pop art overlay we can get creative and turn your image into something out of a fantasy or give it pops of color and a fun retro vibe!

1. Choose size & style

2. Complete checkout 

3. Upload & send digital art. Based on your preference options I will have an idea of how you would like your art designed, but this gives us a chance to go over details and questions you might have. 

4.  I'll put together editing and send you over the final look. 

5. The printing gallery will print, mount, frame, package, and ship your new art. It will be sent directly to your doorstep ready to hang up on arrival!  

*With 6 partner galleries in the US, UK, EU, CAN, & AUS, all art is delivered locally for fast and efficient service.

How Does it Work?

1. Materials & Shipping: So low!


You pay what I pay for Wholesale materials & shipping. Below you will see a materials breakdown and the shipping is pretty straightforward: It's either $20 or $25 depending on size but, the shipping cost is included in the cost you will see below! 

2. Artist fee: $85 

I charge a flat fee for services that includes everything from editing to fulfillment.  

Average Total Cost 

Materials • Artist Fee • Production • Shipping

Medium  16" X 24":  $150
Large  20" X 30":  $175
X-Large  24" X 36":  $215

What Does it Cost?


Artists Ethics:  I will not edit or change another artists work.  If you have purchased a digital only copy of another artists work, I am happy to work with you on getting it on a canvas or print to hang on your wall, but I won't change anything about the art other than cropping it to fit your desired size.  


Step 1:  Shape

There are three standard options to choose from:  Rectangular / Square / Panoramic

Note* Option A & B can be created vertical or horizontal

Option A

Screenshot 2022-12-07 at 4.33.30 PM.png

Standard iphone image 

Option B

Image usually cropped from standard

Option C

Image usually cropped from standard

Step 2: Size

Choose the size and style options from the chart below to see material pricing and total cost

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