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Brand Development Videography
through Creative Storytelling


We are JohnnyJack Creations & The Freelance Explorer

A two-fold PhotoVideographic brand development company specializing in short & medium form cinematic filmmaking & Documentary Photography. 

JohnnyJack Creations focuses on corporate side of portfolio brand development, from boutique hotels & luxury apartment communities, to capturing commercial and non-profit events.

The Freelance Explorer is centered around Travel filmmaking, partnering with adventure tour outlets around the world to create cinematic documentary content for promotional use.


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Our job is to tell your story in a manner that invokes the imagination and motivates the viewer.  We will work together through storytelling Q&A and concept creation as we develop a clear path to success.  Rest assured that your new brand portfolio will represent the best of what your company stands for and has to offer.


  We believe that when you provide the finest industry equipment to a PhotoVideographer who possesses unparalleled talent and a passion for creating beautiful works of art...the results are world class!



Create and distinguish your company's image, products, and services from your competitors. Whether you are new and launching or needing a marketing refresher, our Brand Development package offers the diverse variety of professional curated content you are searching for.



Created for Puratos, a Global Chocolatier Distributor

From trade shows, annual non-profit events, product launches, or new location expansions, we can create beautifully crafted videos that showcase the best of what your company has to offer.

We can provide multi-day packages either for an event such as a trade show, or if you needed us to visit multiple locations locally, regionally, nationally, or worldwide.  We understand the importance of creating a cohesive style of cinematography when branding your company's image, and we can guarantee that. 

Event Location Launch

to view full quality click Settings > Quality > 4K


Corporate style videos such as the above offer a polished, idealized vision intended to trigger the imagination and motivate the viewer. Documentary style filming on the other hand is longer and purposefully less polished as it excels at presenting relatable, real-life scenarios.

From explainer shorts and company leadership videos, to customer testimonials. There is less transition editing work in documentary style filming so we are able to offer longer video lengths. 

Created for RainCityFit & Pull for Pride National NonProfit

to view full quality click Settings > Quality > 4K


Our owner Johnny Jack is a lifelong travel enthusiast and launched The Freelance Explorer as a creative outlet to design beautiful works of art while traveling. 

From single day shoots to multi-week adventures with adventure outfits around the world to capture the magic & present the ultimate cinematic experience to potential customers. 

Created for Luxury Bangkok Hotel 137 Pillars

to view full quality click Settings > Quality > 4K

The Freelance Explorer

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